Ever since I was a young child…I have had a passion for basketball. I used to make rims out of wire and shoelaces and hang them on the back of the closet door and also boil hot water to unfreeze the net in the winter so I could practice. I remember the excitement and the agony of watching my favorite teams and players win and sometimes lose Heartbreakers! Over the years I was able to play elementary, high school, college, and a taste of the professional ranks. After all that those days playing it was no surprise that I really enjoy teaching the game as well! It’s very satisfying to teach you how to play the game and watch your progress and improvement!

Basketball Tao Dojo has allowed me to continue to be involved in my life’s passion.

The origination of Basketball Tao came with the help of my brother who sent me a movie while I was playing overseas in Germany. The main character went through trials and ups and downs through training and ultimately transformed himself to be great at his craft through discipline. It made me wonder if I could apply the same discipline to Basketball not only for myself but for others to master basketball skills. The result has been lots of kids learning how to play and even being fortunate enough to play in high school and college.

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